Brown Campground Shower and Restroom Building

Get Turnkey Construction with Romtec

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Romtec designs, manufactures, and supplies complete buildings and structures across the country, but we also provide turnkey construction services for all of our products. Getting a complete building from design to completion through a single organization provides purchasers with many different advantages. One of the biggest advantages is the ease of only having to issue one purchase order for the complete project, but there are many more advantages beyond the ease of purchasing. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that turnkey construction from Romtec can benefit your project.

Brown Campground Shower and Restroom Building

Keeping a Project on Schedule

Perhaps the most practical reason to consider a turnkey building is the advantage that this process offers in terms of keeping a project on schedule. Romtec begins each project with the complete design of the building or by adding options to a standard building design. At this stage in a project, there are typically many changes that get made. Working through a single organization makes a lot of sense because miscommunications can be avoided down the road. Resolving issues before they arise is a great way to keep a project on schedule. Romtec helps purchasers meet code requirements and get approval from the building department, as well as ensure the site plan is adequately designed for the building or structure. It is better to get all these details figured out on the front end rather than after the building has been delivered.

Turnkey Construction on Single Pitch Building

Other Advantages to Romtec’s Turnkey Services

Turnkey construction on Romtec buildings and structures offers advantages throughout the construction process. Romtec has experience with virtually every type of plumbing fixture, lighting system, and construction material. Our experience means that all of your building will be constructed and installed correctly the first time. With turnkey construction services, the customer can also be assured that the quality of their building is our top priority. Many times, customers will get ideas or think of small improvements as the building is going up. Changes that late in a project can be dangerous if they conflict with how the building is designed. Romtec construction crews, on the other hand, are experts at installing Romtec products. That means that they can often times make small changes onsite or contact Romtec to figure out more substantial details.

Ultimately, the biggest advantage of utilizing turnkey construction is the ability to work from start to finish with a single organization and to issue a single purchase order. This gives you the complete work from preliminary design on through to your finished site with a single purchase. This process gives you more control over the end product and saves you money by avoiding separate contracts for each step of the project. Romtec is setup to handle every single step of a design-build project, making it faster and more affordable than using an architect, an engineer, and a contractor. With Romtec, you get all of these service through a single organization for your building project.

Construction Ensuing on Large Building

Not every organization can utilize turnkey construction through a design-build process because of competitive bidding laws. In many states and at the federal level, however, Romtec holds contracts for government purchasers. These contracts allow for the direct purchase of many products without requiring a bid process. Contact Romtec to see if your organization is eligible to save time and money on the direct purchase of a turnkey building through our government contracts and price agreements. You can also contact us to learn more about our design-build process and how turnkey construction services from Romtec can benefit your building project.

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