Sidewalk Restroom with City Decal

Getting the Most from an Inner-City Public Restroom

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Romtec designs and manufactures restrooms for many different applications. The Sidewalk Restroom is designed for inner-city environments throughout the country by using a number of conventional design features. What makes the Sidewalk Restroom a great product is how it resolves many issues that large cities face with regards to public restrooms: crime, vandalism, occupancy, and other illicit behaviors. These problems have created an atmosphere where many cities are trying to avoid public restrooms altogether, but with the Sidewalk Restroom, cities can provided these facilities with a plan to handle many of these problems.

Sidewalk Restroom with City Decal

Reducing Privacy for Public Safety

The first major design feature of the Sidewalk Restroom flies in the face of traditional restroom design. This facility reduces privacy. Privacy makes restrooms more comfortable to use, but it also provides an environment where illegal activities can take place. By limiting the privacy of the facility, using the restroom is still possible without embarrassment or discomfort; however, other activities like sleeping, drug use, or multiple users can be seen from outside the unit, allowing authorities to be contacted.

Sidewalk Restroom on Jackson

The Benefits of a Steel Body Design

The next major design feature is the solid, prefabricated steel body. Constructing each unit with steel doors, toilets, and plumbing fixtures makes the Sidewalk Restroom difficult to vandalize and simple to maintain. The steel body also makes each unit easy to install with set-in-place installation. Romtec can easily apply anti-graffiti coatings to the Sidewalk Restroom and customize the paint in any way the customer specifies. The steel body of the unit allows for easy installation of advertising space, signage, and other custom flares particular to each city.

Sidewalk Restroom in Urban Area

Using Standard Building Components for Maintenance Convenience

The final design feature that Romtec used with the Sidewalk Restroom is the use of standard restroom and building components throughout the unit. From the door to the electrical controls, each sidewalk restroom uses components that can be found nationally at virtually any parts store. Not only does this help keep the cost of the Sidewalk Restroom low but it also makes maintenance easy and affordable for cities. If something gets broken or damaged, city personnel can easily find a suitable replacement and install it without having to order custom components. These restrooms will require maintenance as inner-city use can be rough, but with the Sidewalk Restroom, maintenance of the facility is easy and won’t waste public funds.

Double Sidewalk Restroom Floor Plan

Romtec has many design options available for the Sidewalk Restroom. We have designed double-units, solar and grid-tie-in units, low profile units, and more. We believe that each city should get the exact facility it wants with all the design features included. Contact Romtec today to discuss your inner-city public restroom needs and Romtec will develop a Sidewalk Restroom for your city.

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