Site-Built Restroom Withstanding Flood

How Romtec Buildings Survive Extreme Weather

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Snow and rain are falling across the country, and in some regions it is leading to extreme weather events like flooding. Romtec has been designing and constructing buildings and structures for over 35 years, and we understand the importance of constructing durable buildings capable of surviving extreme weather events. For buildings that are in flood plains, areas of heavy snow fall, remote locations, and even in hurricane and tornado zones, Romtec designs each building to withstand the potential weather conditions of your unique jobsite.

Site-Built Restroom Withstanding Flood

A Solid Foundation

The single biggest feature of a building or structure that impacts its durability in extreme weather events is the foundation. The foundation is what ties the building to the earth and prevents it from moving, shifting, or breaking during extreme weather. In high winds, floods, landslides, and earth quakes, solid foundations can be the difference between a building that needs to be cleaned or repaired versus a building that needs to be replaced or rebuilt. Just like with homes, site-built buildings on real, poured concrete foundations provide buildings more value because they are designed and constructed to last.

Building with Solid Concrete Block

The next feature of a Romtec building is its solid concrete block construction. Every Romtec standard building is designed to be constructed with CMU (concrete masonry unit) block. Concrete block is heavy and robust and can withstand a lot of weather conditions. Romtec can also increase the durability of any building by adding more rebar and concrete. Romtec designs storm shelters capable of saving lives during tornadoes and hurricanes, and any Romtec building can be designed to survive those types of conditions.

Durable Concrete

Providing Reliable Building Components

Finally, Romtec provides durable buildings by using reliable, proven, and certified componentry on all of our buildings. Romtec can design, manufacture, and supply buildings with storm doors and skylights, stainless steel components, and foundation vents designed for water egress. Romtec has also designed buildings with steel roofs that are fire resistant. In all of our components from partitions to fixtures, Romtec offers many options that will survive typical extreme weather conditions.

Romtec has installed buildings at many locations across the country that must deal with many different types of extreme weather. Whether it’s Californian seismic requirements or the hurricane requirements of Miami-Dade County, Romtec has met or exceeded all types of requirements and standards relative to extreme weather. When the rain starts falling and the wind start blowing in your neck of the woods, how will you feel about the durability of your building? Be certain you’re getting the best with Romtec.

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