Sports Park with Community Building

Navigating Building Priorities with Romtec

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Romtec works on hundreds of building projects every year, and each project carries its own unique priorities. Some projects prioritize lower costs, while other projects prioritize aspects like lead times, matching options, or increased accessibility to name a few. These different priorities can be easy to accommodate or they can be difficult. It takes a very particular kind of expertise and experience to deliver on these types of projects. Working with Romtec gives you a partner that has worked though all types of projects with all types of priorities.

Sports Park with Community Building

Value Engineering to Lower Costs

Value engineering is a process developed by Romtec to help our customers lower the cost of an existing building design. These building designs can be from an existing Romtec project, an architecture firm, a city architect, or from any other source. Romtec can take over-budget design plans and make them more affordable. For nearly 40 years, we have worked to understand everything from door thickness to shipping options. Each detail in a building design impacts the price, and Romtec can reduce the price of most buildings while maintaining the same design principles.

Brick Siding Exterior

Speeding Up Lead Times

These same advantages can be provided with lead times as well. Romtec understands what it takes to get a building designed, delivered, and constructed in an expedited effort. This can include purchasing products local to each job site, prefabricating aspects of the building, and many additional strategies. On public projects, speed can be a very important priority, since many public entities face budget situations to “spend it or lost it.” Completing a speedy project can be a great way for the public to get the most out of their budget while it is in effect.

Matching the Aesthetics and Accessibility of Your Park

There are many features with every building design. These include a whole host of aesthetic options, utility functions, accessibility options, and other considerations. At an “all abilities” park project, accessibility was a central priority for the customer. Romtec provided numerous options like drinking fountain configurations, door width and weight, and the inclusion of restroom benches. On another project, Romtec was called to deliver six different structures that all needed to match. The structures comprise restrooms, concessions, several pavilions, and a kiosk. Creating a cohesive appearance through each different structure on a larger project can be tricky, but using a single, experienced firm like Romtec makes these types of projects much simpler.

Uncommon Design on Campground Restroom

Public agencies each have a culture, yearly plans, and many requirements for budget and compliance issues. These aspects create a patchwork quilt of how public projects develop and get prioritized. Navigating these priorities can be difficult and can lead to inconsistent results, but working with Romtec provides these agencies with a reliable and experienced partner capable of delivering on every project no matter how small or large.

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