Accessible Single Pitch Restroom

Project Update: Rotary PlayGarden Restroom Building

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Romtec recently completed a new restroom building for a new park currently under construction in San Jose, California, the Rotary PlayGarden. This park is a 4-acre section of the Guadalupe River Park that is designed to be accessible for children in wheelchairs and inclusive to meet the needs of special needs children. The new park addition will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Guadalupe River Park. Romtec designed this building to match the vision of The Rotary Club of San Jose with extra considerations for accessibility and appearance to match the profile of this project.

Accessible Single Pitch Restroom

An Accessible Restroom for All

The new Rotary PlayGarden was designed to be accessible above all else, but the new park includes many other elements that go beyond simple access. These include a variety of play elements that include multi-sensory participation for children of all abilities. Romtec has long excelled at designing accessible buildings that meet the guidelines of the inclusive ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. Romtec has also worked on hundreds of projects that meet the specific California accessibility guidelines, making our abilities a perfect fit for this tremendous project.

Modern Style Restroom with Concrete Block

The Design Features for this Accessible Restroom

These inclusivity guidelines for the PlayGarden building specify components and features such as grab bars, sink height, door width, door hardware, turning area for wheelchairs, and more. In addition to the accessibility requirements, Romtec included some unique design features. First, the two restrooms include an expanded floor plan, offering more space for occupants. Second, both restrooms include custom benches inside. These features provide more usable space for the restroom, but they also allow each restroom to be used as a changing room for the public’s use after spending time at the water features. Finally, the entire restroom was treated to be fire resistant to meet the particular fire approval for this park location.

The appearance of this building was greatly enhanced through Romtec’s design capabilities. The first prominent design feature is the single pitch roof. This is an increasingly popular style that gives restroom buildings a modern aesthetic that is perfect for urban settings. Next, this restroom building includes cedar siding designed with cedar panels and battens, creating a stylish pattern. The PlayGarden building was painted with earth tones to match a slough theme from the nearby park features and recreation activities.

Multi Room Restroom Being Constructed

Working with the Rotary Club of San Jose, Santa Clara County, and Hensel Phelps Construction, Romtec provided the complete engineering, design, and supply of this unique restroom building. For all types of applications and for unique projects such as the Rotary PlayGarden, Romtec makes a great partner. Contact our Sales Department today to discuss your current or future parks and recreation building project and discover the many ways to create an inclusive park!

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