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Romtec’s New Vacation Cabins

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Romtec is proud to offer vacation cabins as the newest addition to our always expanding product offering. Cabins are great product for Romtec because designing and manufacturing these structures fits the skills of our company and also fits the needs of our existing market. For parks and recreation personnel, campground owners, RV park managers, and others, getting new camping and vacation cabins from Romtec is a great way to add facilities. Our new cabins can be configured with all of the design features needed to make any cabin project successful anywhere in the nation.

Prefabricated Log Cabin on Concrete Slab

A Campground Feature for All

Cabins are extremely popular features at campgrounds and other outdoor recreation sites across the country. These structures represent a great opportunity for people to enjoy outdoor locations in comfort and for park operators to increase the revenue of their facility. Romtec’s cabins are a great vacation feature for people who love the outdoors but require comfort and beautiful aesthetics.

Beautiful Vacation Cabin Interior

Design Priorities for Your Cabin

The first step to getting the best cabin possible is to develop a list of design priorities. Romtec begins each new project by working to understand the needs of the individual client. There are four new cabin models, but with our expertise in custom design work, Romtec can often times alter floor plans and features to meet specific needs. If your site has a specific design standard, then Romtec will meet it. These standards can be anything from a particular style of siding or roofing to using green building materials or even including custom park colors. Each cabin includes all of the design options that Romtec applies to restrooms and multi-purpose park structures, meaning these facilities will look and function great in any location.

Pre Built Cabin on the River

Prefabricated Cabin Installation

One of the great advantages of the new cabins is that they can be delivered onsite as a prefabricated structure and set-in-place on a foundation designed for the cabin. This foundation can be pier block, slab, or another preferred foundation type. Our engineering staff will design the cabin to fit perfectly on the required foundation with minimal site work. Romtec cabins, especially when purchased through our state or GSA contracts, are great supplied as turnkey units. An entire campground full of cabins can be supplied and installed by Romtec in a short period of time.

Prefab Cabin Interior Bedroom

Romtec works with public sector organizations all the time, but these cabins are also great for private facilities as well. No matter what sector your facility falls into, Romtec will work hard to design a cabin or cabins specifically for your unique project goals. If you are interested in getting a cabin at your facility, contact Romtec today to learn all about our new product.

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