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Single User Restroom

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Single user restrooms have become more popular in recent years as they provide more accessibility and security to the public. Romtec provides a variety of single-user restroom designs that can fit the needs and budget of any project.

Covered Entrance on Single Unisex Bathroom

Benefits of Single User Restrooms

This type of restroom provides plenty of space and more privacy compared to a multi-user restroom. Also, this single unit set up is helpful for those who need assistance with disabilities or who are handicapped.

A building with several single-user restrooms provides enough restrooms for all people without gender restrictions (providing flexibility) and they are ideal for families. They allow space and security for a family to enter all together or to wait outside knowing their family is safe inside.

The single user restroom has quickly become the preferred design standard for many cities across the country.

Restroom Building with Six Single User Rooms

Security and Privacy with a Single User Restroom

At a certain point when families are growing up, it no longer makes sense to take your kids with you into the restroom. But leaving your kids in a multi-user restroom during that transition-age can also leave parents feeling uneasy. One reason they have become so popular is the security and privacy it provides when you no longer enter the restroom with your kids.

This has led park managers or city planners to think about the design of a restroom building along with the corresponding privacy and security it provides.

Waterless Restroom at Memorial Park

A Gender Neutral and Inclusive Option

Single-user restrooms have become a great option for sports parks as there are no gender restrictions which allow flexibility from one day to the next. Some days there may be more boys’ sports happening and the next it may be more girls sports but a multi single-user unit bathroom provides access for the needs of that day. This option helps with cutting back on long lines waiting for restrooms because all the facilities are accessible to maximum capacity.

It can also help when cleaning to just close one unit at a time, allowing all the other units to stay open instead of shutting down an entire multi-user restroom.

For those facing disabilities, it can be important for them to have assistance to and from the restroom. That can be tough in a multi-unit restroom, especially if the person assisting them is from the opposite gender. Walking someone directly into a single-unit restroom and helping them is much more convenient without having to ask for help from strangers. These single units also provide more space and privacy.

Park Restrooms

A single-user restroom is a great option for park facilities all over the country to consider when designing their next project. Whether considering families, privacy, security, accessibility, sports facilities, or those with disabilities, it’s a home run for everyone. Romtec can help you design a single-user restroom that fits your needs while also supplying and constructing the project. To learn more contact Romtec sales at

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