Convenient City Restroom on Sidewalk

The Sidewalk Restroom

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Public Restroom in Urban Area

Romtec is excited to add the Sidewalk Restroom to our expanding family of products. The Sidewalk Restroom is designed to be a safe, durable, convenient, and affordable restroom for the nation’s urban environments. This facility is a solution for many problems that consumers of urban restrooms have faced. So, take a look at how the Sidewalk Restroom fits in the new urban environment.

A common problem with urban restroom design is that occupants have too much privacy. Some restroom users behave differently in urban restrooms than they might in a standard public restroom. The Sidewalk Restroom is discreet but does not provide absolute privacy. The top and bottom louvers ventilate the facility while reminding occupants that inappropriate activity might be detectable to the outside world. Conventional louver arrangement also allows law enforcement personnel to notice activities inside.

Sidewalk Restroom

The Structural Design

The Sidewalk Restroom is a simple structure that is built out of durable steel and stainless steel materials. There is a stainless steel toilet, a stainless steel toilet paper dispenser, and a stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser in the interior of the building and nothing else. A water spigot is only available on the exterior of the structure, preventing the facility from being used as a shower or Laundromat.

A separate compartment accessible at the rear of the structure holds the facility’s plumbing, electrical and mechanical hardware, as well as some maintenance equipment. This mechanical room offers maintenance personnel a secure place to provide routine service checks and repairs, as well as maintain or clean the facility.

These basic design elements solve many of the problems that automatic toilets and other urban restrooms have commonly experienced. In order to meet more specific needs, Romtec also provides an array of standard options for customers. These options help produce a very specific product from an inexpensive, pre-engineered standard model.

Sidewalk Restroom in City

Custom Color and Graphics to Match Your City’s Theme

The first option that customers will be interested in is paint and graphics application. The standard model is a flat grey, both for low cost and to give cities a blank slate for “do-it-yourself” potential. Romtec can paint your Sidewalk Restroom in any color or combination of colors. Whether it’s matching surrounding buildings or the colors of the hometown sports team, custom color can really provide culture and personality to a structure.

In addition to or in lieu of paint color, Romtec can apply custom vinyl graphics, embossed steel, or poster/advertisement display cases. City identities and culture are important to display, especially on public buildings. These graphic design options provide an opportunity for purchasers to distinguish their Sidewalk Restroom or even create a source of advertising revenue. Romtec also provides graffiti-proofing as an option if vandalism is a concern.

Sidewalk Restroom in Urban Area

Door Location Options

The Sidewalk Restroom also includes optional door locations. The standard door can open both directions from the face, but the door can additionally be located on the forward portion of either side. Providing this design option expands the possibilities for building orientation on a sidewalk. Space is limited and often times regulated by codes or ordinances, so positioning versatility can be a real asset.

Entrance doors are equipped with manual locks, but Romtec also has options for digital or timed locking mechanisms. These options can be employed to establish hours of operation for your Sidewalk Restroom. It can also save man hours from having personnel visit each facility for locking.

Lighting and Electrical

Lighting and electrical options are also available on the Sidewalk Restroom. The standard configuration does not include electricity for a few reasons: it cuts costs; louvers and skylight provide ample daytime lighting; some cities are capable of wiring the facility themselves. The options include standard white lighting, blue lighting, and alternating blue and green lighting to show when in use. Blue lighting is used in some cases because it prevents drug users from visually locating veins, creating an uncooperative environment.

Crane Lifting Sidewalk Restroom

Benefits of the Sidewalk Restroom

Using Romtec’s experience in public restroom design, the Sidewalk Restroom is pre-engineered and prefabricated with standard materials. Aside from being the nation’s most inexpensive urban restroom option, the Sidewalk Restroom is also one of the easiest to install. Romtec provides all of the concrete slab layouts to purchasers so that the unit may simply be set in place upon its arrival, or Romtec can provide turnkey installation.

The Sidewalk Restroom is a design solution for the difficulties facing urban restrooms. The building design encourages every user to get in and get out, which can ease many concerns. With Romtec’s available options, your building will be tailored to both your needs and your budget. This structure is new model of urban restroom design.

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