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West Glacier Trailhead – Tongass National Forest, AK

Romtec worked closely with the USFS to identify their specific needs for this project and deliver a complete building that would perform above & beyond their expectations.

Faux Stone Wainscoting with Board and Batten

Snoqualmie Falls – Snoqualmie, WA

Romtec designed and supplied this restroom building with multiple custom design features to meet the requirements of one of Washington’s most beautiful waterfalls, the Snoqualmie Falls.


Snohomish County – Smith Island Estuary Restoration Project

Romtec was hired to design, supply, and construct a control building as part of the Smith Island Estuary Restoration Project in Everett, Washington.


Del Valle Regional Park – Shower Restroom

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) required a new shower restroom building for the Del Valle Regional Park located near Livermore, California. The unique requirements of this project called for a shower and restroom building for a high traffic application serving both campers and swimmers in the park.

Custom Hexagonal Building on Pier

City of Huntington Beach – Surf City USA

The City of Huntington Beach consistently demonstrates a dedication to providing high-quality public facilities for all of its parks & rec locations. The three areas where Romtec has designed and supplied buildings each have their own unique style, purposes, and roles to fulfill.

Tornado Safe Room Building with Multi Level Fountain

Andover Central Park – Storm Shelter

Romtec designed, engineered, and supplied this multipurpose storm shelter building for Andover Central Park to meet the City of Andover design criteria.

Uniquely Designed Shade Shelter with Steel Posts

Hemme Station Park in Alamo, California

Romtec provided the design and supply of a train station themed pavilion for the new Hemme Station Park in Alamo, California.

Beaver Dam in Northwest Arkansas

Years of Success with the United States Army Corps of Engineers – Little Rock District

The Little Rock District of the USACE responsible for the management and upkeep of the Beaver Lake Area of Northwest Arkansas and has partnered with Romtec on several projects.

Large Parking Gatehouse Building

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline in Richmond, California

Romtec was hired to design and supply the two buildings at the Southern Entrance of Point Pinole Regional Shoreline for EBRPD.

Great Looking Restroom with Covered Entry

Richmar Park in San Marcos, California

The City of San Marcos contacted Romtec to provide a multiuser restroom that was capable of fulfilling several roles at the location.

Colored CMU Restroom with Brick Accents on Exterior

Katy Manor Trails, Texas

KB Homes was developing a new residential neighborhood in the City of Katy, Texas. Katy is an expanding suburb of Houston that offers many attractive qualities for home buyers, and this new development also needed to offer features that would stand out.

Five Room Boat Launch Restroom

M James Gleason Boat Ramp in Portland, Oregon

Oregon Metro needed a sustainable restroom building for the M. James Gleason Boat Ramp. This is one of several improvements made to the boat launch in an effort to increase access and modernize the location.

Covered Exterior Sink on Double Sidewalk Restroom

Laos Transit Center in Tucson, Arizona

The City of Tucson in Arizona needed a restroom facility that would serve its busy bus station effectively. Thousands of passengers use the Laos Transit Center daily, and the new restroom needed to handle the heavy usage of daily commuter traffic.

A Skate Park Restroom

Ojai Skate Park in Ojai, CA

In the City of Ojai, California big plans have been successfully achieved. Over the last years, the City of Ojai has wanted to rebuild the existing skate park near Chaparral High School for the community’s youth.

Concert in Log Post Pavilion

South Mountain Recreation Complex, Orange, New Jersey

South Mountain Recreation Complex in Orange, New Jersey began in 2010 with the opening of a new miniature golf course at the Turtle Back Zoo. Romtec worked with French and Parrello on this project and on several other building projects for the zoo.

Octagonal Buildings on Huntington Beach Pier

Case Study: Huntington Beach, CA (Surf City, USA)

The Pier at Huntington Beach California is a landmark attraction that focuses attention to the City center, literally extending downtown out over the water. It is an Icon that is recognized by people around the World, and home to the best surfing in California.

Affordable Concrete Restroom with Two Rooms

Case Study: Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park Napa, CA

The City of Napa needed an improvement in their existing restroom facility on their popular golf course at Kennedy Park where more than 30,000 rounds of golf are played each year. The Napa Municipal Golf Course at Kennedy Park serves the residents of Napa as well as numerous visitors touring wineries through the Napa Valley.

Timber Post Pavilion and Restroom

Ronald Bridges Park Union City, GA

Ronald Bridges Park is a neighborhood park located in the heart of a residential community in Union City Georgia. Over the past three years Ronald Bridges Park has been under construction with some great improvements. As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign “Let’s Move,” a new park playground has been built.

Concession Restroom with Single Slope Roof

Case Study: Lions Field in Fullerton, California

For nearly a decade and a half, the Lion’s Field Park in Fullerton California, has been planning to renovate their sports park. They have some much needed renovations in their plans including new restrooms and concession stands.

Park Splash Pad

Case Study: Aztec, NM

The City of Aztec in New Mexico had a nice problem on their hands when a reservoir project came in under budget: what to do with the excess funds? Romtec played a part in resolving their dilemma by installing two, turnkey restroom projects.

Western Themed Stucco Restroom Building

Case Study: Turtleback Zoo’s Big Cat Exhibit

The City of West Orange at Turtleback Zoo recently added a “Big Cat Exhibit,” to their outstanding upgrades they have been doing over the past few years. The exhibit has become very popular since it opened in 2011, bringing thousands of people in to see the big cats in their new homes; the exhibit has two jaguars and two cougars.

Custom Concession Restroom Facility

Case Study: miniGOLF Safari in West Orange, NJ

The City of West Orange, NJ just finished building their beautiful African Safari themed mini golf course. The mini golf course has become a very popular attraction since it opened a little over 3 years ago.With the mini golf course becoming so popular, the City of West Orange wanted to add a restroom/concession stand.

Great Looking Vault Toilet Structure at Golf Course

Case Study: Pecan Valley

Romtec designed, supplied, and installed waterless restroom buildings for Pecan Valley Golf Course.

Concession Restroom with Steep Pitch

Case Study: Boreal Mountain Resort

The Boreal Mountain Resort in California needed a new restroom building for the Soda Springs’ Planet Kids feature. This section of the ski resort offers children a fun place to play in the snow, including tube carousels, a play volcano, moving ski carpets, and a tubing area.

Curved Metal Roof with Green Accents

Case Study: Echo Canyon Trailhead

The Echo Canyon Trail on Camelback Mountain needed a major redesign that included three new structures designed and supplied by Romtec.

Compact Beach Gazebo Providing Shade

Restrooms, Pavilions, and Cabanas – Polk City, IA

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) needed to renovate Big Creek State Park to improve its aging sewer lines, concrete paths, and restroom buildings. In addition to replacing the existing structures, the DNR wanted

Chic Waterless Restroom with 5 Rooms

United Flight 93 Memorial

In a field in Pennsylvania, Romtec, Inc. completed a project that was more than just buildings. It played part to a process of healing and rebuilding. Romtec was privileged to be specified for providing

Attractive Multi User Restroom Building

Beaver Dam – Custom Public Restroom and Pavilion

When the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers began damming the White River in 1911, there were no public restrooms, GSA schedules, or online buying options. The dam projects then were to provide

Skatepark Restroom and Ticket Counter

Restroom-Concession Building for Houston Skatepark

June 1, 2008 saw a new attraction open in downtown Houston, Tex., the $2.7 million Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark. In announcing the park’s grand opening, the Houston Parks and Recreation Department reported

Concrete Equipment and Control Building with Vehicle Door

Custom Utility Building – Ontario, CA

The city of Ontario, California required a small-sized utility building to house a municipal water well treatment facility. They required a heavy-duty structure with a substantial slab and walls that provide noise reduction. They also required a

Steel Frame Two Post Shelter

Custom Utility Shelter – Kalama, WA

The city of Kalama, Washington installed a new wastewater lift station. Since the site was already in a fenced-in and secure location, they did not require

Custom Control Building with Ventilation System

Custom Control Building – Junction City, OR

Junction City, Oregon needed a large control building to house electrical panels, lift-station control panels, a diesel electrical generator, odor-control station, and an eye wash station. The project would require

Affordable Maintenance Building with Vehicle Doors

Custom Storage Building – Carmel, CA

Carmel, California needed a large facility for it’s city maintenance shop and also for equipment storage. They required large openings so that heavy

White Metal Roofing on Buildings

Custom Utility Building – Concord, CA

The city of Concord in collaboration with one of their local High Schools needed two new buildings for a new school, multi-sport facility. They required a restroom facility, a small concession room, and a separate

Concrete Utility Building with Metal Roofing

Custom Utility Building – Portland, OR

The Port of Portland, Oregon required a good-sized utility building to house substantial water pumping equipment. They required a heavy-duty structure with a substantial slab for heavy equipment and walls that provide

Concrete Equipment and Control Building

Custom Utility Building – Hebo, OR

The town of Hebo, Oregon required a medium sized utility building to house the control panels and equipment for a wastewater treatment plant. They needed custom lighting, and exceptional ventilation. They also needed

Public Recreational Lavatory Tenderfoot

Custom Waterless Restroom – Chugach National Forest

The Chugach National Forest needed vault restroom facilities in some of their more remote campground sites and they wanted them to look rugged and “woodsy” in keeping with the look that says “Alaskan Wilderness”. They contacted Romtec about

Attractive SST Restroom with Timber Supports

Custom Waterless Restroom – Troutdale, OR

The Sandy River Delta, where the Sandy River joins the great Columbia River, is a multi-use public area that is somehow both remote yet easily accessible. With a strong historic significance, it was recently included

Waterless Restroom with Solar Panel

Custom Waterless Restroom – Laramie, WY

The Lake Marie parking area, near Laramie Wyoming needed a restroom facility. Protecting the integrity of the lake is vital, but water, sewer, and electric are not available in remote areas. The customer called for a waterless facility, but with a custom

Compact Waterless Restroom with Storage Room

Custom Waterless Restroom – San Diego, CA

San Diego County needed to supply a waterless restroom at the parking and trailhead staging area in El Capitan Park. The project required

Pair of Remote Waterless Restrooms in National Forest

Custom Waterless Restroom – Windy Point, AZ

The Coronado National Forest in Arizona needed a restroom building as well as storage space for their recreation area at Windy Point. The project required

Custom Six Unit Restroom and Shower Facility

Custom Restroom-Shower – Mt. Clemens, MI

The Air National Guard required a restroom-shower facility that would provide toilet and shower access in each individual room. They required a durable structure

Stylish Cedar Shake Siding on Shower Restroom

Restroom-Shower Facility – Cascade Locks, OR

The Cascade Locks Campground required restroom and shower facilities for its patrons, as well as a maintenance and storage area for equipment and supplies. The space needed to be able to also serve

Attractive Shower Restroom on Mountain

Custom Restroom-Shower – Pinecrest, CA

Camp Oski required multiple buildings covering a myriad of uses. They had one-of-a-kind design requirements, needing the buildings to match existing structures and blend in with the rustic aesthetics of an old fashioned camp in the woods.
Heavy winter snows had to be addressed

A Six-Room Restroom Shower Building

Restroom-Shower – Carlyle, IL

The City of Carlyle had a multi-use park with basketball courts, an outdoor ice-hockey area and beautiful picnic spots for the general public. They required a durable structure that would meet the needs of all users. The uses of the park meant that both

Custom Design Restroom

Restroom-Shower Facility – Lake Tahoe, CA

The Fallen Leaf Campground required several buildings for their campground, including a couple of comfort station buildings throughout the campground. As you can imagine, this area gets extremely heavy snowfall

ADA Restroom and Concession Building

Turtleback Zoo – New Jersey

It was 2007 and Romtec was really starting to spread its wings in the custom design arena, but no one expected the phone call that would lead to the beautiful, one-of-a-kind octagon building that

Custom Park Restroom and Concession Building

Custom Restroom-Concession – Warwick, RI

A brand new, very large sports park and playground was being built in Warwick, Rhode Island and they knew they would need restroom facilities, a generous sized concession stand, as well as

Park Concession and Restroom with Affordable Concrete Exterior

Custom Restroom-Concession – Rialto, CA

A brand new, large sports park and playground was being built in Rialto, California, to be shared with a school. They knew they would need restroom facilities, a generous sized concession stand, as well as

Custom Park Restroom and Concession Building

Custom Restroom-Concession – Mt. Olive, NJ

A brand new, very large sports park was being built in Mt. Olive New Jersey and they knew they would need restroom facilities, a generous sized concession stand, as well as a maintenance and storage room with a roll-up door for maintenance machinery and tools. The city also requested

Custom restroom and Small Concession Building

Custom Restroom-Concession – Coppell, TX

The city of Coppell needed a restroom and concession building for a new park and ballfield, and they needed it to match seamlessly with an existing building on site. They required a restroom facility as well as

Good Looking Cedar Concession Restroom

Custom Restroom-Concession – Oakland, CA

The City of Oakland, California, owns a city-operated stable. They required a restroom facility for all those using the stable and also needed a non-packaged concession room for shows and

Structures Designed to Match an Old Mining Camp

Log Pavilion – Spencer, AK

The Alaska railroad in cooperation with the Chugach National Forest runs tourist trips into the National Forest and stops at key points along the way. Travelers are treated to a remote train ride as well as

Fancy Golf Course Restroom Building

Custom Golf Course Restroom – Reno, NV

Arrow Creek, as a private golf course and country club, had very specific requirements for their restroom structures. The look, feel, and functionality of their restrooms had to go a step above most facilities. The owners required a small restroom with a high-end feel that

Front Pavilion on Golf Course Restrooms

Custom Golf Course Restroom Building – Ft. Gordon

Fort Gordon knows that golf courses are one of the most valued amenities by those serving our country. They provide recreation and relaxation opportunities in a

Front Pavilion on Sustainable Restroom

Custom Park Restroom Building – Kelseyville, CA

Lake County was looking for a restroom structure for a park in Kelseyville that offered sports fields, a picnic shelter, and a children’s playground. The county was looking for a small facility that would

Log Beam Entry to Public Restrooms

Custom Park Restroom Building – Lucerne, CA

The Alpine Park in Lucerne offers a fishing pier, picnic facilities, a playground, as well as a beautiful beach on a lake shore. The county was looking for a good-sized restroom facility to meet

Highway Rest Area Restrooms

Custom Adobe Comfort Station – Ft. Selden, NM

New Mexico’s Department of Transportation has a historical relationship with Romtec and together they have tackled numerous one-of-a-kind projects. So, it was no surprise when the Department approached Romtec about

Restroom with Heated Floors and Stone Wainscot in Park

Custom Public Restroom and Storage Building – Bend, Oregon

The city of Bend required a unique one-of-a-kind public restroom and storage building for a newly designed park with exquisite architecturally designed features. The park had a new high-tech play structure and wanted to provide

Concrete Unisex Restrooms

Ice Hockey Public Restroom Building – St. Anthony, MN

St. Anthony Village came to Romtec with a unique request for a public restroom building that they had never heard of before that day, but have many times since. The village required

Privacy Walls on Restroom Entry

Custom Restroom – Camas, Washington

The city of Camas required a unique one-of-a-kind public restroom for a beautiful new park and tennis courts. The city wanted this park to stand out with a unique design and a look that

Large Concession and Restroom Building

Custom Restroom-Concession – Carson City, NV

A new ball field, expansion project in Carson City necessitated the addition of restroom facilities, a concession stand, and a special request for a score-keepers window, out of the hot Nevada sun. They wanted a simple and clean building, taking advantage of the natural light that is