Double Sidewalk Bathroom

New Double Sidewalk Restroom at a Bus Station

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Romtec completed installation of the first 2-unit, or double, Sidewalk Restroom recently. The new Sidewalk restroom was installed at the Roy Laos Transit Center in Tucson, Arizona. Installing this unit will provide the City of Tucson with an urban restroom unit that is designed and supplied to meet their needs at a busy public transportation center. This is the first double sidewalk restroom unit that was installed by Romtec.

Double Sidewalk Bathroom

Designing and Manufacturing a Double Sidewalk Restroom

Designing a “double” configuration of our standard Sidewalk restroom began previous to this project. Our engineers had developed a conceptual design for a 2-room Sidewalk Restroom unit by designing two restrooms with a small mechanical room in the middle. During the initial project development phase, Romtec provided the City with these conceptual designs, and it was this approach that ultimately appealed to them.

Manufacturing a double-sized unit posed a new set of challenges. A single, solid steel unit of this size is not easy to move around and cannot be lifted with a typical forklift. Using giant caster wheels and other novel solutions was necessary to complete the manufacturing process. The installation for this unit is a similar process to a single Sidewalk restroom except that a lifting crane was required to handle the extra weight. It was lifted onto a concrete footing where the pipe and conduit connections were made before finishing with a slab foundation.

Custom Double Sidewalk Restroom in Bus Station

The Sidewalk Restroom Concept

The concept of the Sidewalk Restroom reflects European philosophies for public facilities. These ideas focus on utility over comfort. These facilities are fully functional and offer a reasonable level of privacy, but they are not comfortable to spend a lot of time in. Each unisex restroom only provides a single toilet. Two handwashing sinks are available on the exterior of the building. This type of design discourages people from spending too much time in the restroom. Previous public restrooms have failed in these applications due to misuse.

The Sidewalk Restroom discourages certain types of behaviors because the activities of an occupant can be partially observed from the outside. This is advantageous for law enforcement who can monitor the facility without having to gain entry. Additionally, the unit is powder coated steel with floor drains in each restroom. Once the toilet paper is removed, each restroom can be easily hosed out for cleaning. These features make this restroom very easy and affordable to maintain.

Concrete Foundation Being Smoothed

Matching the Aesthetics at Laos Transit Center

To match the aesthetics of the bus terminal, this double Sidewalk Restroom was powder coated with a custom color of “silk grey,” which is a sandy color. This color matches the surrounding terminal shelters where the busses pick up and drop off commuters. Romtec can customize the color of any Sidewalk restroom to meet the specific needs of each customer.

This new double Sidewalk Restroom facility is a great addition for the City of Tucson at the Roy Laos Transit Center. Transit centers and bus depots can be difficult facilities to maintain because of the high volume of people passing through every day. This type of facility offers multiple restrooms in a durable unit with several security and maintenance advantages. This facility will open to the public soon after the concrete pad finishes setting.

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