Community Building with Garage Door

Romtec Site-Built Storage Buildings

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Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs many different types of site-built buildings, and storage buildings are a great addition to many different facilities across the country. Storage buildings have a very wide range in terms of appearance and sophistication, ranging from small and inexpensive to large and themed.

Community Building with Garage Door

Design and Engineering Options for Storage Buildings

Romtec provides clients with a wide range of design and engineering options to enhance everything on their building from the floorplan and layout to the appearance. Using our complete design expertise is a great way to maximize the potential of your new site-built storage building.

Eye Washing Station

Considering the Building Design Based on What Will Be Stored

The first thing to consider is what is going to be stored inside of the storage building. Storage necessities can vary significantly depending on your location and industry, and they can have far-reaching ramifications on the building design. For example, an industrial customer who is storing lots of cleaning chemicals may want to add an emergency shower or eye-wash station to their storage building. On the other hand, a park manager with landscaping responsibilities may want to add a roll-up door to park mowers and other vehicles inside the storage building. Romtec can include these options and many more in your storage building design, such as electrical controls, irrigation controls, HVAC, drainage, garage doors, security systems, lift cranes, and more.

Storage and Maintenance Room in Restroom Building

Appearance Options for Storage Buildings

Another consideration is the appearance of your storage building. These buildings can be very “Spartan,” starting as a small rectangular concrete building with a single man-door. There are benefits to a no-frills appearance in that it is easy to maintain and it costs less to manufacture. Storage buildings can also include many appearance options such as colored block walls, metal roofing, painted doors, windows, faux shutters, signage, and many other options.

Restroom and Storage Facility at Boat Ramp

Storage buildings are great additions to many different sites, and Romtec can design each building to meet our client’s needs. There are many more options than what goes in a building and how it looks. Contact Romtec today to see how you can get the perfect storage building for your site.

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