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Romtec can design and supply pavilions of all shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any park or recreational area. We also offer a complete range of shelters such as kiosks, gazebos, storm shelters, covered stages, and more. These structures can be designed and built with many unique options. Whether you need a building for weather protection or recreation, Romtec can help! Here are some example projects of pavilions from Romtec.

Nevada Beach Day Use Area

Extra Large Beachfront Log Pavilion

This pavilion for the Nevada Beach Day Use Area on Lake Tahoe is one of the largest log pavilions manufactured by Romtec. This pavilion has an open layout to provide shelter for large groups of people and to offer views of the beautiful Lake Tahoe scenery. This pavilion also includes high concrete footings on the log posts so that the brick floor could be easily installed.

Union City, Georgia

Timber Post Pavilion and Restroom

Ronald Bridges Park in Union City, Georgia got this large timber post pavilion to match a new Romtec restroom building. The pavilion includes several design elements from the building such as the black steel brackets, finished timber posts, stone wrapped columns, and brown metal roofing. This structure also offers its own lighting for park-goers who stay late.

Clackamas, Oregon

Steel Post Pavilion

A nature trail on Mount Talbert in Clackamas, Oregon offers this medium sized pavilion for hikers. This pavilion was constructed with painted steel posts and stone wrapped columns, tongue & groove roof decking, and metal roofing. A small restroom building near the pavilion offers matching aesthetics to give this trailhead a distinct character.

Susan Creek Park

Gazebo Style Pavilion

This gazebo styled pavilion was installed at this Bureau of Land Management park to provide an attractive feature for recreationalists and hikers. The foundation and roof anchoring were engineered to handle the structural wind loads from a river less than 50 feet from the structure. The result is a striking feature that is designed to last for a long time.

Kiwanis Park

Single Sloped Roof Pavilion and Picnic Shelter

This city park got a small pavilion for park visitors to relax under while enjoying other aspects of the park. This structure includes timber posts with Glulam beams and struts for an aesthetic quality that shows off the wood grain of the components. This pavilion also includes a living roof complete with ferns, grass, and mosses to show off a trendy green building technique.

City of Camas

CMU Block Shelter

This four post shelter was provided to the City of Camas for a pumping system installed by the City. This shelter offers weather protection for the station’s electrical controls. It was built with concrete block posts, timber trusses, and shingles for the roof. This small shelter was designed to be both durable and low-cost for the City.

Two-Post Shelter

A Two-Post Weather Shelter

Romtec has manufactured, delivered, and installed many of these simple structures for municipal utilities across the country. These steel shelters can be completely prefabricated and delivered to the site ready to be set in place for installation. With this simple design, the electric controls and additional utilities can get rain protection, sun shade, and exterior lighting.

Crow’s Pass

Rustic Timber Kiosk

This hiking trail in Alaska uses this small kiosk to post notifications for park visitors. The timber construction of this shelter offers a rustic appearance to match the character of the park. The wood components were left untreated by the request of the customer so that it would age and give this structure a seasoned quality.

Romtec has done a lot of pavilions across the country, and this is just a small sample of some of the work that we have done. We have designed pavilions with curved steel roof structures and many new projects with single pitch roofs for a low-profile appearance. Whatever type of pavilion your project needs, Romtec can design it, manufacture it, and supply it for less than other options. Contact us today to ask about getting a pavilion at your park!

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