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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Romtec Building

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High Quality Restroom with Park Theme

Romtec has over 30 years of experience in the restroom industry, and our experience offers our customers a complete range of benefits. Here are some of the best reasons to buy a building or structure from Romtec.

1. Design Expertise

Every Romtec customer has different priorities for their facilities, from parks to campgrounds. To Romtec, meeting your needs is our top priority, and we offer each customer countless options to design and deliver the exact building you want. Choose from options like appearance, layout, code requirements, components, LEED assistance, and much more. Romtec has the design expertise to meet your needs while also finding the best price options available. Romtec is the best way to get an affordable building the way you want it through a single purchase.

2. National Availability

Romtec designs, supplies, and installs buildings in all 50 states and even some internationally. Throughout our history, we have worked to find better ways to get things done. This means that we work to understand and design for all the code requirements applicable to your location. It means that we develop national relationships with local retailers to supply many buildings components near each jobsite. It also means that we work with every project to make sure that freight and delivery costs are nominal whether delivering to Tacoma, WA or Savannah, GA.

3. All Site-Built Structures

Each of our buildings and structures is a site-built, permanent feature of your park. Constructing buildings on a poured foundation is the best and most robust way to secure a structure to the ground. Not only are site-built structure more durable but they increase the value of your public lands. In the same way as your house, site-built structures increase in value and last longer than other building options. Romtec gives you the most affordable options for site-built buildings and structures.

Set of Matching Buildings

4. Government Contracts

Romtec holds many state and federal contracts for government agency procurement. These contracts guarantee negotiated pricing to be fair marketplace value for a good or service. For Romtec, these contracts cover the complete design, manufacture, supply, and installation of any of our building products. This is a great way for government offices to save money on a new building while avoiding lengthy bidding processes. Check to see if your agency is eligible to buy through one of our government contracts.

5. Complete Documentation

Romtec develops complete plan sets for all of our buildings. Our documentation is very valuable for helping multiple organizations work on new building projects from design to review and submittal approval. Our documentation also helps get projects reviewed in the local building department faster and more accurately. Your building documentation also serves as a historic record of your structure so that any future repairs, maintenance, or questions about the building can be easily found.

Romtec offers our customers many benefits from great lead times to personal customer service. These are simply 5 of the most common and applicable benefits that apply to most projects. If you want to see how else working with Romtec can benefit your building project, contact Romtec today!

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