Photo Gallery

Flood Barrier Gates
Aluminum Door Jambs for Erecting a Flood Barrier Gate to Protect Entryways
Building Hardware
Gatehouse for Entrance Fee Payments
Beautiful Community Park Restroom Timber Lap Siding
Compact Gatehouse with Extended Roof and Tan CMU Exterior
Attractive Booster Pump Station Control Building
Board and Batten Exterior Wall Restroom
Solar Power Capable Pavilion with Blue Roof
Site-Built Restroom Building with Large Covered Entrance Area
Timber Post Shelter with Unique Design and Appearance
Vault Restroom with Partially Installed Texas Limestone Exterior
Park Kiosk For Posting Information for Visitors
Romtec Manufactured Many Comppnents for this Roof Structure
Custom Restroom with Barn Roof
Concession Restroom Building with Security Camera
Pavilion with Good Looking Timber Posts
Attractive Timber Post Pergola Covering a Patio
Waterless Restroom Matching Lighthouse and Duplex Buildings
Beautiful Stone Monument in City Park
Steel Urban Restroom in Busy City Bus Station
Custom Hexagonal Restroom Building at Zoo
Construction of Large Stick Frame Roof Structure
Great Looking Shower Restroom with Colored CMU Block
Urban Park with Stone Accent Veneer and Concrete Exterior
Vault Restroom with Porch in State Park Trailhead
Vandal Resistant Steel Sink in Restroom
Custom Concession Restroom Facility
High Quality Control Building for Irrigation Equipment
Pair of Multilevel Steel Drinking Fountains
Custom Brick Restroom in Park
Nevada Beach
On the South shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada beach is a popular destination for visitors to the lake. The park at this large sandy beach provides
campgrounds and a day-use area where this large log pavilion is located.
Log Pavilion
Custom Park Restroom at Park
Wood Pavilion for Public Park
Timber Post Pavilion and Restroom
Roof with Skylight and Asphalt Shingles
Light Brown Concrete Exterior on Restroom
Large Concession Restroom at Sports Park
Matching Restroom and Pavilion
Log Post Pavilion and Picnic Tables
Hand Crafted Timber Trusses Being Created
Affordable Metal Exterior Restroom in Sports Park
Storm Shelter with Hip Style Roof
Maintenance Room with Water Heater
Weather Station Kiosk at Trailhead
Beach Side Timber Post Pavilion
Prefabricated Log Post Trusses Delivered to Job Site
Turnkey Construction Services for Complete Concession Restroom
Asphalt Shingles on Restroom Roof
Stone Drinking Fountains on Public Restroom
Vault Restroom with Bare Walls with Attached Masonry Ties
Board and Batten Exterior Restroom Structure
Two Room Restroom with Stone Wainscoting
Installation of Two Drinking Fountains on Restroom
Waterless Restroom with Limestone
Restroom Interior with Steel Sinks
Meek Estate
Meek Mansion in Meek Estate Park stands as a testament to the arrival of agriculture to Alameda County, CA. In homage to this history, Romtec
designed its building to match the Meek Mansion.
Custom Restroom
Concrete Exterior Restroom
Stainless Steel Sinks
Timber Post Pavilion at with Covered Area
Historical Park Restroom
The Alpine Historical Park in Sutton, Alaska gives visitors as well as community members a look back at the heritage and culture of early settlers in the
Sutton area. Romtec designed a custom restroom that fit in with all of the unique historical exhibits that Alpine Historical Park has to offer.
Alpine Historical Park
Boreal Ski Lodge with Retail Space
Big Creek State Park, IA
The restroom buildings at Big Creek State Park were designed with aesthetic and functional considerations. To enhance the appearance of the
structures, these large ADA restrooms include Hardie shake siding, stylish concrete ADA drinking fountains, and timber-post roof extensions over the restroom entrances.
Lumber Pavilion
Kennedy Park Restroom
The Napa Municipal Golf Course at Kennedy Park serves the residents of Napa as well as numerous visitors touring wineries through the Napa Valley.
Romtec designed this golf course restroom building to be functional and unobtrusive.
Standard Restroom
Long Beach Restroom
This public restroom includes two external, stainless steel sinks, two ADA bathrooms, four standard bathrooms, and an external shower for water
Marine Stadium
Storm Shelter Roof Structure
This durable roof is designed to withstand high-speed impacts from objects in hurricane force winds
Storm Shelter at Andover Park in Kansas
Restroom Interior
Romtec buildings are equipped with the best quality accessories and hardware.
Restroom Accessories
Rustic Waterless Restroom
Romtec frequently designs, supplies, and installs buildings with stone features such as siding. Stone buildings can look historic, rustic, regional, and
even modern with newer cutting and installation methods.
Waterless Restroom
Central Park Sports Complex
This attractive multipurpose building serves as both a restroom and as a contact station and point of sales for the batting cages. The entire building has an
eggshell, stucco finish with a natural stone wainscoting.
Stone Restroom
Long Beach, CA
Both restroom buildings designed by Romtec maintain the signature appearances of the area with red, ceramic tile roofing and a stucco finish.
Marine Stadium
Nevada Beach
This attractive facility can serve dozens of people who are out enjoying the beautiful Nevada Beach area.
Log Pavilion
United Flight 93 Memorial
Romtec was privileged to be specified for providing two restroom buildings for the United Flight 93 National Memorial.
Waterless Restroom
Stainless Steel Sinks
Stainless steel is a durable and desirable material for public restrooms.
Restroom Accessories
This rustic restroom-shower provides facilities to a popular campground.
Restroom Shower
Shower Fixture
The shower rooms in Romtec restroom-shower buildings are designed for user comfort, convenience and safety as well as durability and ease of
Restroom Interior
Park Restroom
Romtec designed and manufactured a restroom to provide visitors with public ADA facilities that would match a pavilion that was already there, making
this park the perfect place for community members to spend their leisure time.
Standard Restroom
Custom Waterless Restroom
The Chugach National Forest needed vault restroom facilities in some of their more remote campground sites and they wanted them to look rugged and
“woodsy” in keeping with the look that says “Alaskan Wilderness”.
Waterless Restroom
Waterless Single User Restroom
Romtec was built by pioneering waterless restroom facilities. With Romtec, you can get a waterless facility in lightweight, durable, and odor resistant
polyethylene with a number of siding options.
Waterless Restroom
Waterless Restroom with Roof Extension
Porches add visual interest to a structure making it more appealing and inviting.
Waterless Restroom
Pecan Valley Golf Course
Pecan Valley Golf Course is the municipal golf course for the City of Fort Worth, Texas. Romtec supplied and installed four waterless restrooms for
Pecan Valley and the City of Fort Worth.
Waterless Restroom
Big Creek State Park
A large pavilion was constructed for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
Lumber Pavilion
CMU Block Restroom
CMU is an acronym for Concrete Masonry Unit. These are the concrete blocks that typically make up the structure of a Romtec building. CMU blocks
are durable, affordable, and readily available nationwide.
Standard Restroom
Stainless Steel Urinal
Stainless steel is a durable and attractive material.
Restroom Interior
Smithfield Park
Romtec designed and manufactured this custom stone restroom for Smithfield Park in Keller, Texas to match the surrounding environment. This was
done by using Western Grey Ashlar custom stone which was bought locally to provide this park’s visitors with excellent facilities that will last for years to
Restroom Shower
Concrete Block Park Restroom
This concrete block restroom is conveniently located between a playground and picnic tables, making it equally accessible for all park patrons.
Standard Restroom
Waterless Restroom
Waterless restrooms are affordable and attractive solutions for waste management in areas where plumbing does not reach.
Waterless Restroom
Custom Matching Restrooms
The North Reach is a great looking project and one that really demonstrates Romtec’s design strengths. Romtec supplied five custom buildings
including a restroom-concession building, two plumbed restrooms, a waterless restroom, and a maintenance/storage building.
North Reach
Alaska Construction
Romtec buildings are being constructed at this remote location in Alaska.
Chugach National Forest
The Chugach National Forest contacted Romtec about designing a restroom that could be used in several locations and, due to the remoteness of
these sites, it would need to be waterless, yet attractive.
Waterless Restroom
Restroom Concession
Romtec designs and supplies concession buildings to meet any needs that will function perfectly and look great at your site.
Restroom Concession
Restroom Interior
This restroom interior is made with sturdy partitions and stainless steel fixtures.
Restroom Stalls
Big Creek State Park
To offer services to all of the tourists that come to the shores of Big Creek Lake, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources got these matching Romtec
buildings. The Romtec pavilions and cabanas are the perfect place to have a safe and comfortable picnic during a visit to Big Creek State Park.
Lumber Pavilion
Tilden Park
Romtec designed and manufactured a special restroom for Tilden Park, as the district had limited building space and did not want to remove any of its
trees. Romtec was able to use the building space available to provide a restroom that would provide the park’s visitors with facilities as well as preserve
the natural habitat.
Standard Restroom
Sunridge Park Restroom
This restroom building is special in many ways, including several unique design requirements. This is a great project that demonstrates the distinctive
capabilities of Romtec.
Splash Pad
Custom Restroom-Shelter
This restroom features a sheltered picnic area.
Restroom Concession
Spanish Tile Restroom
For California beach-goers, this Romtec public restroom provides functional and attractive facilities specific to the needs of Long Beach.
Marine Stadium
Stainless Steel Urinals
Romtec restroom facilities can be upgraded to a stainless steel fixture package, using the highest grade plumbing fixtures and commercial hardware,
with wall or floor mount toilets.
Restroom Interior
Community Building
Romtec can design, supply, and construct distinctive and iconic Community Buildings for communities across the country.
Community Center
Lumber Kiosk
Kiosks are a great way to distribute information at park or to protect signage and equipment from the elements.
Custom White Beach Kiosk
Stainless Steel Toilet with Grab Bars
Park Restroom Facility with Picnic Area
Remote Cedar Vault Toilet
Restroom with Tongue and Groove Exterior
Two Room Restroom Facility
Waterless Restroom in Remote Area
ADA Compliant Restroom Interior

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